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Voluptate Font Download

Voluptate was published by Fontscafe. Voluptate contains 3 styles and family package options.  

The ‘Voluptate Pack’ font is a smart sophisticated handwriting pack that includes ‘Voluptate‘, ‘Voluptate Classic’ and ‘Voluptate Elements.’

Every single character in our ‘Voluptate‘ font distinct and given every letter a unique identity – very much like a person’s handwriting. Of course the characters are similar enough to work hand in hand, but not so similar as to appear as an obviously computer generated type set.

The ‘Voluptate Classic’ is very similar in design and ever so slightly informal in its appearance. A thoughtful mix-and-match of both these fonts can give a delightful appearance to your designs. You could use the Voluptate on most areas of the text for example, and the ‘classic’ to emphasize a more personal touch to certain areas, say for example where you may be quoting somebody’s word.

When you get the pack you also get a handy ‘Voluptate Elements’ set of designs that can enhance your creations in so many ways. All 3 are available individually, but it’s like getting the elements for free when you buy the pack.