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Terminus Font Download

Terminus was designed by Kevin Dresser and published by Dresser Johnson. Terminus contains 1 style.  

The Terminus typeface is an exploration of what occurs to letterforms when flip-disc display and variable-message signs begin to malfunction. Whether caused by analog or computer error, there is a mechanical beauty and randomness in the deterioration of the forms. Dresser’s wild take on this concept purposely pushes the limits of legibility along with incorporating historical bits and pieces from blackletter and uncial script forms into this modern digital grid.

OpenType font features provide the user with four options to use the typeface. Simply load the default Terminus for a surprisingly legible breakdown of digital characters. Select “Contextual Alternates” for a random selection of altered forms from the 994 glyphs included in the font. With the Glyph Palette open, manually select from the five full character sets to create your own unique settings. Lastly, choose “Stylistic Alternates” for an extreme test of legibility. This setting combines characters from the default font with the most elaborate set of alternates and best exemplifies the organic disintegration of Terminus.