Tahoma Font Family Free Download
Humanist, Sans Serif, Typeface

Tahoma Font Free Download

Introducing Tahoma font! An excellent sans serif typeface by Matthew Carter for Microsoft. This humanist font was released by the Microsoft during publications of windows 95. Having a narrower body, tighter spacing with high-grade legibility Tahoma is a few compared to that of Verdana typeface.

Using Tahoma for any kinda headlines or sustained writing purposes will be much suitable for its top-notch essence. As we all know Windows is a huge brand and will never comprise on minimizing user experience so they use it in Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Its small lettering is one of the most famous Microsoft ’s sans-serif typeface families.

Tahoma Font Download

The additional perks of applying Tahoma are that it attains a fitful nature, Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai characters and you have the command to execute it serviceable for your particular obligation. Arial font family is also a relatable typeface to this.

Tahoma Font Family

Ideal for books printing, covers, lengthy articles, eye-catchy paragraphs. Banners texts, brochure, emblem, and many more. You might be a developer looking forward to Tahoma! This will also work well in developing a game or creating a keen and clean website template.

Possessing vast languages support and top new sets standard of the textual behaviour. This elegant font marks its name in the list of some very well-honed typographical arrangements. You can download this font for free from right here by a simple single click and use it just for your personal endeavours.

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Tahoma Font Free Download

I assist this font will work well for you in achieving your desired textual layout. It’s our guarantee that this font will work as a warrior during all of your designing careers beside its heavy and contrasting styles.

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