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Soto Font Download

Soto was designed by Alex Haigh and published by Thinkdust. Soto contains 1 style.  

A grungy, blocky, sans-serif font, Soto has one goal: get the message across. Saying it plain and simple, in a way that no-one can misunderstand, Soto‘s very slight angles and thick style carry a weight and impact that make it stand out. With the textured finish it even jumps out from the backgrounds it’s placed on, so you can make use of the contrast to draw people in. Soto is best used in headlines and announcements that want to get their message across in an interesting and quick way. Stand out from the crowd and make people want to read what you’re writing by using a font like Soho to shout it out. If you like Soto but you’re not feeling the grunge texture, then check out Ebisu.