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Gik Font Download

Gik Font Family was published by Serebryakov. Gik contains 4 styles and family package options.
Gik is sans serif font family with modular aesthetic and the elegance of contemporary typography. Its compositional and plastic solution combines echoes of (de)constructivism, brutalism, de Stijl and other manifestations of 20th century antiquity + techniques characteristic of italics. But this does not make the font old-fashioned – on the contrary, it helps to understand how to use it.

Gik is a product of the metamodernism era – it is on the border between modernist enthusiasm and postmodernist mockery, between simplicity and awareness, wholeness and cleavage, clarity and ambiguity – a kind of conceptual oxymoron. Looking at Gik, you could imagine it at Fashion Week, if there was one for typography. Gik has a message for both the designer and the viewer, it stimulates the imagination, it is the anthology of all fonts of the future.