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F6 Grand Prix Font Download

F6 Grand Prix Font Family was published by Ortho. F6 Grand Prix contains 3 styles and family package options.
It’s here! Designed with the future in mind, while paying tribute to a rose-tinted past we all deeply cherish. As usual for Ortho’s fonts, F6 Grand Prix is a display type meant to engender a feeling of freedom and potential in any designer’s hands. Although it comes ready for any occasion, it’s also incredibly malleable and quickly-transformed for even the most specific projects.

Inspired by the classic Y2K styles seen in series such as Wipeout and SSX, nothing will quench the need for speed quite like F6 Grand Prix! This stylish font sports a comprehensive Western Latin glyph set of 192 glyphs (per typeface!) as well as meticulously-tuned kerning pairs. Whether it be for titles, body copy, or logotype design, F6 Grand Prix is sure to be a powerful tool in any modern-day designer’s belt!