Cormorant Font Family Free Download
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Cormorant Font Family Free Download

Cormorant Font is a serif typeface. If you are seeking for a font that is ideal for a major font pairing approaches then Cormorant Font is perfect for you. Christian Thalmann took the charge for designing and releasing it via Catharsis for the first time in 2015.

This display font family is basically inspired by the Garamond heritage. And it describes by scandalously little counters, well-sharpened serifs, hazardously smooth curves, and ostentatiously tall accents. Moreover, other features of the font family are intended to activate manually by the user. Such as discretionary ligatures, complex alternates, small capitals, and alternate figure sets.

Cormorant Font Family

Cormorant Font Family Download

This remarkable font family comes with 45 unique styles which a huge amount. Some of the styles have contained 1216 glyphs and some of the styles has 2599 glyphs. While Each of the styles has 652 number of characters. Furthermore, it has also included kerning, awesome ligatures, as well as contextual alternates.

You can download this well-liked font family from here by a simple single click. And use it for your personals and professional designs work approaches. Another great aspect of the font family is that it licensed under SIL open font license. So, use Cormorant anywhere you want without any hesitation.

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Cormorant Font Free Download

Among its large styles with glamorous appearance, it can use almost everywhere. Like, designing a logo, business cards, greeting cards designs, brochures layouts, posters advertising, printing banners, branding, fabric printings, labels designs, and various other related approaches. Using this extraordinary font family for web developing or app developing is also a good idea.

We trust that typeface will work admirably for you and help you in perceiving the customers or the necessities of the audience without a doubt. If you face an important issue or have a suggestion for us then the comments section below is for you.

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