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BF Garant Pro Font Download

BF Garant Pro Font Family was designed by Guido Schneider, and and published by BrassFonts. BF Garant Pro contains 22 styles and family package options.
BF Garant Pro elegantly balances geometric design with dynamic character!

(This Pro-Edition is the fully packed upgrade of the well-known Hot New Fonts #1 BF Garant.)

The strict architecture is combined with open counters, tapered spurs and diagonal cut ascenders and descenders that create an open, lively character without denying the straightness of geometry.

10 weights from Thin to Black and matching (oblique) Italics ensure versatile use of the type family. BF Garant Pro‘s characters include the extended Latin Unicode range (incl. Vietnamese), Cyrillic and Greek. So it is very suitable for branding and packaging.

“The last modern geometric typeface you really need!”

The large x-height, dynamic details and some more conventional, humanist-inspired letter alternatives (a, g, k, u, y, G, Q – some of which are grouped together in the style set “Text”), make it not only a contemporary graphic element, but a highly legible timeless design tool, is not only ideal for logotypes or contemporary branding use, but also for modern editorial design.

The 1,760 characters per font include ligatures, alternates, line figures and old style figures, small caps, numerals for small caps, fractions, symbols (incl. Peace sign), currencies, different arrows etc. In addition, 23 useful OpenType features make BF Garant Pro a workhorse for many typographic applications. With the 11 style sets, BF Garant can be fully adapted to the user’s requirements without losing its unique character.

And for those who ever wanted to open a bar on Tatooine, BF Garant Pro also includes the currency sign of Galactic Credits! Feel the Font!