Alatsi Font Family Free Download
Geometric, Sans Serif, Typeface

Alatsi Font Free Download

Alatsi Font is a sans serif font that has awesome clean texture. It has originally designed by Mr. Spyros Zevelakis. And the Sorkin Type Foundry helps all right reserved for this font family after 2016.

This elegant font is a semi condensed design that gives a familiar, calm, trustable, and contemporary look to any design. That’s why it little lighthearted or casual in feeling as well.

It has crafted by the designer with the proper width, space, modest x-height which give a calm look to designs. It’s really an impressive thing for it.

Also, that can make the best font pair with other geometric fonts including Alata Font and Futura Font. So, you can definitely this special font for professional work without any hesitation.

Alatsi Font Family

Alatsi Font Family Download

Alatsi Font has come only in a single regular style with Truetype features. And this regular style has 915 glyphs with vast global language support.

That shows the working experience of its designer. Because each glyph takes much time for creation and the designer 915 glyphs which are rarely seen in font families.

For downloading the Alatsi typeface, you need to click on a single button below and download it. Then you can openly use it in commercial tasks because it has an OFL license.

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Alatsi Font Free Download

You will definitely create several display tasks like banners, posters, covers, long text paragraphs, emblems, brochures. And also several printing tasks.

Including card printing, t-shirt printing, and product printing. So, we believe you will definitely get fine designs according to your concern and the client’s demand.

So, share your opinion on whats you think about this elegant font. And if possible then don’t forget to share it with other designing workers. Good Luck!

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